Project work with the young residents of Plymouth Foyer

Foyers provide a safe place for young people to live, learn and make the transition to independent adulthood to meet the challenge of rising youth unemployment and homelessness – the ‘no home – no job- no home’ cycle.

Foyers offer a something for something deal for young people usually between the ages of 16-25 who are homeless with personal development and other services that enable young people to reconnect with learning, increase their employability, improve their health and wellbeing and develop their leadership potential.

Participate Arts have worked with the residents on developing creative skills and creating artworks in a art & ceramic project that included designing words and images for the walls of the building, ceramics skills and creating an exhibition.

Sessions have included:

  • learning about ceramics- building, decorating and glazing clay
  • casting hands with alginate and plaster
  • decorating masks
  • producing words and phrases for artworks
  • creating digital images and text together
  • making plaster moulds and slip-casting
  • making note books
  • photography and photoshop design
  • creating designs for t-shirts and mugs

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