Participate Arts design socially engaged Arts projects and workshops around Devon. We facilitate creative expression, explore community and bring people together to articulate their stories, allowing confidence to grow and inspire motivation to make a positive contribution. Our programmes are designed to meet the needs of participants, working creatively with people of all ages. We work with individuals, communities and cultural agencies to develop work that has impact and lasting social legacy. We encourage active participation, nurture art skills and imagination, promoting health and wellbeing in our work. We find ways to make contemporary arts and culture approachable and relevant to participants’ experiences, often working with other Artist specialists. We run workshop programmes, community engagement sessions, and create and manage small and large scaled events, with an emphasis is on connecting people, improving individual lives and community spaces.

Socially engaged work is at the heart of what we do

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We can work with you to design and deliver workshops or creative projects for your setting or group.

Please do get in touch to discuss.

Our site is currently being redesigned, so please come back soon!

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